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Setup Kerio VPN

How to setup Kerio VPN?

1. Download the software bellow , then Unzip the File;

KerioVPN softare for windows 32 bit

Kerio VPN software for windows 64 bit

Kerio VPN software for Mac

Kerio VPN software for Linux , Ubuntu , Debian

2. Install the software and finally Enter correct IP address / Username and password.

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KerioVPN Potential errors

Error: Authentication failed
-Enter correct username and password (Also Ip address) please. Do not Enter blank space please.

Error: UDP traffic is probably blocked
-Disable Anti Virus and Firewall (Firewall of windows and Anti virus)

Error: vpn connection failed due to error connection refused by server
- You entered wrong IP address/server (Host name)

Error: Unable to register VPN connection
- Please Go to : Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections
Be sure "Kerio Virtual Networ" adaptor is Enable.

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