USA Shared VPN
Unlimited bandwidth
$4 monthly DETAILS


UK Shared VPN
Unlimited Bandwidth
$4/monthly DETAILS


CANADA Shared VPN Unlimited Bandwidth
$4 /monthly  dETAILS


  • USA Shared VPN
    Unlimited bandwidth
    Los Angeles   DETAILS
    •  $4 monthly

Download VPN Software ( Connections)

Ready Connections

1- Just download the file and Extract the File
2- Enter user name and password
3- enjoy of the fast and secure IPs

1- Your windows firewall must be OFF! (Control Panel>Windows Firewall).
2- Make sure your other security software (like antivirus) allowed to VPN.
3- Vista & Seven users: Please disable UAC before installing VPN: Open up Control Panel, and type in "UAC" into the search box. You'll see a link for "Turn User Account Control (UAC) on or off":
4- You should try both protocols PPTP and L2TP to find out which protocol could work for you.

Download VPN Connection PPTP  |  Download L2TP


After downloading , follow the pictures please:


vpn connector windows 7

Choose a network connection, According your account VPN (e.g: You've bought Texas VPN, so you must choose Texas).

software vpn

Enter correct username and password. Do NOT enter blank space please.


How to set up manual connection :

 Wnsows 7

 Windows XP

 iphone - apple





Learning :
Training to make connections VPN for windows 7


Server locations :

IP Address :
USA: Texas
USA : Los Angeles
USA : Arizona



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